Thursday, 26 January 2012

NOT - Margaret Black's Work - We would like the needlewoman to come forward!

Here's a feature of lots of her stuff:

A lovely needlecase - look at that!

Look at this gorgeousness!

12/06/14-Update - we think this might be Linda Wallace's work above and below....???

One of those beautiful blocks in progress - though be warned - if you attempt it, you will labour for your love!

12/06/14-Update - we think this might be Chriss Smith's bag???

A lovely lavender bag......don't be misled, those little baubles on the ends of the cording are a pain in the keester - so I hear - I haven't attempted yet. I'm scared!

And the back - still beautiful!

Thank you for sharing, Margaret!

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  1. So happy to see some more posts! You can conquer this blogging thing - I know you can! Keep up the good work.