Thursday, 11 April 2013

New photos...

Hello Everyone,

I have a confession....

I had planned on putting a ton of photos on here block by block, but in some horrible freak accident, in my computer crash the Ruskin photos were all deleted!

Stop crying!

The good news is that I'm on the Higham Hall May weekend and will take a lot of photos then, block by block and will then commit to getting them uploaded....

Plus - I'm hoping there will be some new useless Ruskin lace waiting to be photographed, too!

:) Sorry!

:) Misha

Karen Quickfall Dates at Cedar Farm and Higham Hall

Hiya Folks,

Well, it appears that Karen has booked herself lots of dates!

If you are interested in some new dates, here you go...just in case you are interested - I'll be at the May weekend at Higham Hall pretending I'm living in Downton Abbey.....(I wish!):

Just to let you know that Wednesday afternoon classes start again at Cedar Farm next Wednesday (10th April).  We have a slight problem for the next 3 weeks in that the courses room has been booked by another class which won’t be finishing until 1pm.  They do know that we are supposed to start at 1pm but I would advise you not to get there earlier than 1pm.  We will continue until 4.15pm to make up for any shortfall.

I’ve also just been sorting out dates for weekends at Higham Hall and Day Workshops at Cedar Farm and have listed them all here for you!

 Weekends at Higham Hall  (book directly with Higham Hall)
10th – 12th May 2013
20th – 22nd September 2013
6th – 8th December 2013
14th – 16th March 2014
16th – 18th May 2014
19th – 21st September 2014
12th – 14th December 2014
Day Workshops at Cedar Farm
Sat 8th June 2013
Summer School – Wed/Thurs 14th/15th August 2013
Sat 5th October 2013
Sat 30th November 2013
Sat 14th December 2013
Sat 25th January 2014
Sat 22nd February 2014
Sat 29th March 2014
Sat 26th April 2014
Sat 21st June 2014

Get yerself booked on a course! Karen doesn't bite!

:) Misha