Saturday, 15 September 2012


Hiya Folks,

I've decided that I needed to do some close ups of techniques and stitches.

These are pyramids:
Mine don't look like this but they will one day.

Also - don't forget - if you need the photos larger - just click on them and they will open in another window bigger!

:) Misha

A Collection of Traycloths by Karen.

Hiya Folks,

It's hard to believe she has more stuff that I haven't posted - but she does!

Surely she doesn't have this many trays!

She should share....

:) Misha

NEWS: Keswick to Start Soon!

Hiya Folks,

Just to let you know the Keswick group will be starting up in if you are interested....get in touch at my email address: and I will get you connected.

It's starting on the 13th October.

This group runs once a month for six months to get us all through winter.

Karen attends two of those sessions to provide instruction on a person by person basis.

It is from 10am to 3pm.

There is a fee - and it is split between us all to cover the room rental and Karen's fees....I think last time round it was somewhere in the region of £26.

What a bargain to sit and do Ruskin for a whole day!

Bring your own lunch or run to Booths and buy it like I do!

:) Misha

Karen Says: Wednesday Afternoon Classes!

Hiya Folks,

Here's a message from Karen herself:

Hi Everyone,
I hope that you have all had a wonderful summer (having done lots of Ruskin Lace!!!).
Jut to remind you that classes at Cedar Farm start back this Wednesday afternoon (12th September) at 1pm – 4pm. We will run for 6 weeks until half-term missing out Wednesday 26th September as the room was already booked to someone else before we moved there.
Hope to see you at a class soon,
Sorry I'm a bit late posting it!
:) Misha

Another Needlecase - The New One!

Hiya Folks,

This is a fairly new one in Karen's collection - Angie loves it!

I have bought the supplies - but they are still in my bag....


:) Misha

A Flat Needlecase

Hiya Folks,

Here's another of Karen's beautiful needlecases:

Am I on a roll tonight or what?

:) Misha

A Hussif

Hiya Folks,

It appears that Angie really wanted photos of the inside of a hussif! So - here you go!

It is pretty, though!

:) Misha

Karen's Octagonal Bag

Hiya Folks,

Here is Karen's completed one. I have started one - but let's not talk about how I'm progressing!

Why isn't it I haven't taken better photos of this?

Oh, wait - I did!

It's all the details - though it appears that they aren't all in focus!

:) Misha

Another Beautiful Book Cover!

Hiya Folks,

We have another cover - I can't decide which one to steal......

Eat your heart out!

Classes are starting soon!

:) Misha

The Most Beautiful Book Bag - EVER!

Hiya Folks,

Here's a stunning Ruskin tote bag.....another item on my Christmas wish list!


I want it!

:) Misha

A Crazy Thread Bag

Hiya Folks,

Here we have a small thread bag that Karen (or was it Angie?) has made. They are both the Queens of Useless Ruskin!

Guess what I want for Christmas?

:) Misha

Karen Celebrates the Olympics!

Hiya Folks,
I hear that Karen had more time on her hands. She made a needlecase in celebration of the Olympics and while watching them on telly.
There are five rings on the cover - and again, it's beautiful!

Where does she find the time?
:) Misha

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Karen Quickfall's Lace Mat

Hiya Folks,
So - the wonderful Karen has a beautiful lace mat (I don't know what to call it!).

I love this.

:) Misha

Time to Brag - My Bookmark

Hiya Folks,
Ok, now it's my turn to brag. This is a bookmark I made my good friend Rachel. It took me two years to complete and is only the third thing I've ever made (two pincushions before). Ok, maybe I should say only the third thing I've ever finished!
Let's see if Blogger will let me load all of these....

Not bad for a beginner!

And it fulfils the Useless Ruskin category! In fact, I have been honored with being given the trophy for the moment - though something else is in the pipeline and I may lose my honour!

So - winner for the most Useless Ruskin for having a bookmark made of Ruskin - UNDER GLASS IN A FRAME!

:) I'm so proud.  Misha