Thursday, 31 May 2012

Messages from Karen....

Hiya Folks,
Karen sent me these messages to inform everyone of - about a month ago. I'm a bad person! Here they are anyway! Apologies....

Message 1
Some of you will already know that Mrs Burton at Eccles Farm has announced this week that she is to retire and that the needlework centre will close at the end of June. It feels like the end of an era as I have been attending the centre for the past 20 years and was one of the first to take my City & Guilds there. The closure won’t affect the School of Stitched Textiles Ltd, who will continue to offer distance learning to students around the world, as they are a separate company.

As a consequence of the closure, I have been looking for somewhere to continue to take Ruskin Lace classes. Yesterday I was able to secure the Courses Room at Cedar Farm Galleries (not very far away from Eccles Farm) to continue the Wednesday afternoon classes, and have also secured some full day Saturdays/Sundays for Workshop Days. The afternoon sessions will now cost £7.00 per afternoon but the session time is to be extended from 1pm – 4pm.

Cedar Farm Galleries is a wonderful collection of contemporary art shops, food shops, café, workshops, etc and I would recommend looking at their website on so that you can get a feel of where we are moving to. I also think it will be a great opportunity to spread the word about Ruskin Lace to a wider audience.

Message 2
Further to my e-mail of last week with regard to the change of venue I have a couple of updates.

I have managed to secure 2 consecutive days for a Summer School which will be on Saturday/Sunday 11th/12th August 2012 at Cedar Farm Galleries. The cost will be £50 for the 2 days and times from 10am – 4pm each day.

One other slight change will be that we can now start the Autumn term on the 12th September (not the 19th as previously stated) but will have to miss the 26th September due to a prior booking.

The Day Workshops will be £25 per day (10am – 4pm) and I have listed them again for your information.

Saturday 13th October 2012, Sunday 18th November 2012, Saturday 12th January 2013, Saturday 9th February 2013, Saturday 23rd March 2013, Saturday 8th June 2013

If you would like to book on either the Summer School or any of the Workshop Days then please get in touch either by e-mail or phone (01257 450339). A £10 deposit will secure your place on a course.

Hope to see you soon

Get in there!
:)  misha

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Karen Quickfall's Foldy Needlecasey Thing

Hiya Folks,

I'm sure this has a real name - I just don't know it!

Another one to steal....

:) Misha - who is going to Higham Hall this weekend!

Karen Quickfall - Thread Holder

Hiya Folks,

This is another installment in the 'Insane things we make' department.

A thread holder.

Yes, a thread holder.

I can't possibly tell you how pointless this is.

I can't wait to start mine!

:) misha

Karen Quickfall Band Sampler - Part Two

Hiya Folks,

Here's the second batch of photos of this gorgeous bit of work:

I'm going to steal it. No one tell Karen.

:) Misha

Karen Quickfall Band Sampler - Part One

Hiya Folks,
Here's a recent bit of work from Karen...

It's only letting me add a few photos in a the next batch is coming....

:) Misha

Karen Quickfall's Tea Cosy

Hiya Folks,

Yes, you have read that right. Tea Cosy.

We are having her evaluated now....

Insane cheesy supermodel - Angie Winter...(we are all somewhat nuts...)

:) misha

Karen Quickfall's Hanging Thing

Hiya Everyone,
I'm sure this thing has a proper name, I just don't know it!

Though I'm terribly jealous! How does she find the time?

Have I mentioned our penchant for making things out of Ruskin that you wouldn't normally think of? Or use?

:) Misha

Monday, 7 May 2012

Saturdays in Keswick

Hiya Folks,

Here's a back view of our meeting place on Saturdays in Autumn and Winter...I'll try to get some sunny ones this Summer.

Hopefully I'll catch some photos of all the birds we get to watch!
:) misha

Angela Winter's Work - A Showcase!

Hi There,

Tonight we have a showcase of both a work in progress by her and a collection of her work in a small display. (No one tell her I have stolen both the small container and the framed mat - it's a suprise!)

I's painful to look at! Envy!
:) misha

Linda Wallace's Traycloth

Hiya Folks,
We've got traycloths galore!
Here's a bit of one - in two stages!

Dorothy McLeod's Traycloth

Hiya Folks,
You might need to sit down. This is two posts in one night!

Here are a couple of photos of a lovely traycloth....mine is still in the dreaded whipped bar stage....

Bridget Ryland's Hussif

Hiya Folks,
This is a collection of photos of her beautiful hussif. Eat your heart out.

I'm pretty sure you are as probably as eager as I am to do one!
:) misha