Friday, 22 February 2013

Ruskin Lace Day Workshop at Cedar Farm

Hiya Folks,

I have had an email from Karen that states that the next Ruskin Lace Day Workshop at Cedar Farm is on Saturday, 23rd March 2013.

The day is from 10am to 4pm.


Bookings are being taken so get back in touch if you would like a place and I will pass you on to Karen.

Yay for workshops!


One left for the Keswick group until October....I'm very sad!

:) Misha

Angie Creates Uselessness!

Hiya Folks,

Well, the winner for the most Useless Ruskin 2013 seems to have a fair contender - we have Angie Winter in the lead with her new mobile cover......

And she uses it!

I'll try to remember to get some photos of the back and of the phone in it - before it's black from use and falling apart!

She's a nut!

(I'm planning on stealing it - I'll force my phone into it!)

Or....she could make me one????  LOL!!! Do not do this Angie - I will not use it!

:) Misha

And another...

Hiya Folks,

I can't resisting one more brag by posting a better photo of my charity shop find - anyone know who made this? It's a good bit of work!


Follow up of 11th April 2013:
As a follow up to that and upon being presented with actual live evidence, it appears what I have here is needlelace! Bah! Foiled!

Nevermind - still incredibly cool!

And you are all still jealous!

:) Misha

Monday, 11 February 2013

Who's a Lucky Girl?

Hiya Everyone,

Get this - at our last Ruskin Saturday group I went on a stroll with my Mom to a charity shop in Keswick (Oxfam if you must know) and what was in a glass cabinet, but this little charmer. It is a piece of Ruskin lace in a powder puff - looks old - but HOW COOL IS THIS?

I feel like I've won the lottery! My Mom and I went back after lunch and I was bragging about it like a small kid with some sweets!

I'm too excited!

Anyone know the creator of this fine bit of work?

And, no, you can't have it!

:) Misha

Monday, 4 February 2013

Ciao Italians!

Ciao My Lovely Italians!

Well, well, well....I come on here after a long time and find I'm quite cool to Italians! Who knew? (I am a quarter Italian myself! Yay to Bergamo!).

Anyway - a little heads up to those in the UK - there is a class this Saturday, 9th February at Cedar Farm. 10-4 with the lovely Karen Quickfall - who puts up with all my craziness!

On another note we have one day left in the Keswick Ruskin Group. Then we are off again until October. Boo hoo!

How is everyone's work coming along?

Italians - if you have some Reticello for me to publish on the site - I'm more than happy to do so, since Ruskin seems to be a very near cousin!

:) Misha - off to do some Ruskin!