Thursday, 26 January 2012

NOT - Margaret Black's Work - We would like the needlewoman to come forward!

Here's a feature of lots of her stuff:

A lovely needlecase - look at that!

Look at this gorgeousness!

12/06/14-Update - we think this might be Linda Wallace's work above and below....???

One of those beautiful blocks in progress - though be warned - if you attempt it, you will labour for your love!

12/06/14-Update - we think this might be Chriss Smith's bag???

A lovely lavender bag......don't be misled, those little baubles on the ends of the cording are a pain in the keester - so I hear - I haven't attempted yet. I'm scared!

And the back - still beautiful!

Thank you for sharing, Margaret!

Glenshee running out!

Hiya Folks,
It just dawned on me that I've heard a nasty rumour.
Apparently Glenshee Linen is made for the Japanese market. They have ceased their ordering of the linen, so it is not economical to purchase part of the lot created for their market any longer.
What does that mean? Buy all the Glenshee you can get your mitts on, but make sure it's the real stuff, as rumour also has it that there are impostor linens out there!

In the Beginning....

Anyone starting Ruskin must plot where they are going to start cutting, and doing a padded roll. This is scary and intimidating, and makes me break out in hives and here's why:

This is what you end up with above.

Another shot above.

Yes, the above pins do mean something. It makes me want a tranquilizer just looking at it!

I think I need a lie down now......

Thank you to the kind (but insane) Mary Wilson who let us photo this mess. After you have pinned, you will find that you will not leave that fabric no matter what until you are finished. As you will live in fear one of those suckers will come out!


Check me out!

This is part of one of those famous 8-sided bags. This one is being done by Unagh McCullough. This is the famous Pattern 36 (I'm going off memory here). It has taken me donkey's years to do the one I just did. At my rate, I'll have an 8-sided bag in 20 years.

Unagh looks like she's not having the battles I was!

It's a Hat Trick!

For you USA folks who might not be up on your football (soccer) lingo - that's three goals in one game!
I'm here to post some more - maybe I can crash the blogger site with loads of uploads?
I'll see how much I can get done before my laptop battery dies....or I fall asleep....

This is a bit of work by The Unknown Lacemaker (UPDATED 6th February - it is Anne Makin-Taylor!). We actually can't remember who has done it! Anyone have any ideas?
This is a traycloth - something that everyone usually starts with - but this person has done quite a bit....and puts me to shame! If you know their name, please let me know so that I can update!

It's TwoFer Thursday!

Can I do two in one night?

Quick question - why does blogger hate me so? I'm sure there are tutorials on how to do this, but somehow I think I should just be able to divine how to do these posts! Excuse any silliness on my part - as I have no idea what I'm doing!

This is Doris Stokes who let us take a photo of her working. You'll find that when you do Ruskin lace, whether it's your first time, or you've been doing it for 10 years, you still need the book! The book is the line by line coach. Elizabeth Prickett did a fantastic job of it, but unless you know how to take it sentence by sentence, the book can give you a headache! Paracetemol (Tylenol for you USA folks) is required for your lace kit!
Thanks, Doris!

A New Post!

Hiya Everyone,

I'm sure you know worse bloggers, but I just can't imagine how bad they must be!

I've had a sit down with Angie and she has helped me put names to photos that she has taken. We'd just like to say, this is all done from her addled brain, so if there are any mistakes - please let me know!

Let me see if I can remember how to do this posting thing!

This is a selection of some of Karen Quickfall's needlework cases.

Are you envious? Because I am.

I covet them.

Her work is immaculate.

Disgusting, really!

(She knows I love her, don't worry!)

Let's see - can I get two photos in one?

This is another set of gorgeous needlecases. Because who can have just one?

If you're like Joey and want to learn Ruskin (though it would be better if you didn't live in the USA!) get yourself to Karen Quickfall. If she can teach me, she can teach anyone. Patience of a saint. And very entertaining stories!

Yay! It's 2012 and only January and I've managed to post!

Wa Hey!

:) Misha