Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Bridget Ryland's Box

Karen Quickfall Sampler

Angela Winter's Collection

Karen's Wares

Anna Ward's Octagonal Bag In Progress

Angela Winter's Beautiful Mat

Karen Quickfall's Biscornu Pincushion

Karen Quickfall's Lamp

Bridget Ryland's Cushion

The patience of a saint.

Karen Quickfall's Hussif

Another thing on my to do list!

Avril Middleton's Octagonal Bag - In Progress

Her work is perfection! I aspire to do even one as well as her one day!

Mary Wilson

Mary Wilson working away on starting a new project - the foundation is key!

Margaret Black's Work Bag

A fine specimen of beautiful Ruskin loveliness......

Anna Ward's Sampler

One day I'm going to make one of day!

Angela Winter's Hussif

Karen Quickfall Box Three

I'm learning I need to do this in bits!

This is box three!

A Karen Quickfall Extravaganza!

I have loads of photos of her work, and I'm not to proud to say I'm jealous! Here you go:

Here is a selection of bags she has made:

Here is box number one - I'm planning on stealing this one. Don't mention it to her.

Box 2 - Just gorgeous.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Karen Quickfall's Work

Hiya Folks,

Here's some promised photos of her work:

This is a sampler from 2004.

And just because one wasn't enough, here's one from 2007!!

I promise you to post more of these! I've got loads!

I'm Alive!!!!

It has taken me some time, but I've recovered the information to log into this account!

Apologies to everyone for taking a breather for a very, very long time!

My goal is to try to upload some of the stuff I've had on a memory stick from Angela Winter for a year now!

I'm going to get one up right now!