Sunday, 28 February 2010

What do you need?

I'm trying to think of helpful bits of information for those that might stumble upon this looking for a new needlework challenge.

What do you NEED to make Ruskin Lace (well, besides some help?)? Here's what will keep you busy:

1. & 2. Elizabeth's Book and DVD (I'd say these were vital...and I do mean vital! - I've been doing it for only two years and honestly can't do a damned thing without the book to look at).

3. Glenshee Linen. Why, oh, why? It's strong. It's an even weave. It's nice, and can handle what you are going to do to it. Could you use something else? Probably.......but, I have my doubts it would hold up properly.......and I wouldn't recommend it.

4. Linen thread.....different weights, but you could use many different brands here, though I have the one I use, which I will post more about in the future...with photos.

5. Sharp embroidery scissors....with a fine point.

6. A tapestry needle.

7. A sharps needle.

8. A thimble.

9. A tape measure that measures to a 1/16" (that's a 1/16th inch for you Europeans!).

That's it. Not loads.....and most embroiderers will have at least five of these already. The linen is a bit tricky, but I lucked into a beautiful eBay moment one day when I found a huge amount of it on sale for the envy of the other Ruskin lace team!

So - how do you start? Look at this blog as it might think it looks a bit rough initially......but it might just linger in your mind. Look at the samples that are and will be posted, to see what you think.

See if you know anyone who does it (doubtful if you are out of Northern England).....sink the dough into the book and DVD.....and watch the not read the book first....except for the history part. It can be a bit much. If it still intrigues you ...start small. Pick one of the easy patterns and start the challenge.

Let us have a photo of your work with your name! Email me......if you've us a photo and we'll see if we can help 'right' you over the 'net. You never know....stranger things have happened over the 'net!

Ang is headed to another Ruskin Lace Weekend at Higham Hall (without me the big jerk!). She is going to share our little adventure with them, and hopefully get the other ladies on board with their photos and samples.

For those of you working on Ruskin......if, as we go along, don't have a photo up of one of the patterns that you are struggling with, let me know and I'll check the photos I have in waiting to see if any of the patterns are there....and we'll get them up. It is really helpful to see a real worked piece, and we know it!

We want this to be a place we can all use. The only drawback is you have to send stuff to me....and I might not always deal with it quickly, but I promise to try.

Welcome everyone!

:) misha

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