Sunday, 28 February 2010

Angela's Start - Patterns 21, 32, 7, 12, 13, 14

I asked Ang to give me a little bit on how she met Ruskin Lace and here's what she's cooked up:

In 1993 I started embroidery classes at Harraby School with Irene Coulthard, to learn Hardanger.
While there, Irene was also teaching Ruskin Lace to two other ladies. I was really interested in it, so I booked a weekend course at Higham Hall with Elizabeth Prickett, and started my first piece, a traycloth. This seems to have patterns 7, 12, 13 and a variation on 14 in it. Corrections, Ang?

I was soon hooked, and continued (in fact, continue) to go to Higham Hall at least twice a year since then.
I also continued classes with Irene at Harraby for another 2-3 years (until they stopped) and completed the framed wall hanging under her guidance. Looks like this might have patterns 21 and 32 customised....Ang? Correction?

Whilst attending courses at Higham Hall, I also met and became friends with Bridget Rylands, who was a member of York Minster Broiderers. She is an amazing embroiderer and teaches all kinds of embroidery, including Ruskin Lace in the Whitby Area of Yorkshire (although I have never done Ruskin with her).

Irene Coulthard also teaches "Calico Gardens" and has written the definitive book on the subject, "Hand Embroidered Calico Gardens".
(hmm, Misha says to herself, as she has no idea what Calico Gardens are....and may have to have a peek at this book of Ang's!)

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  1. As usual, absolutely right Misha.......Traycloth is patterns 12;13;14 and 7, wallhanging is patterns 21 and 32