Tuesday, 23 February 2010

So, Where Did Ruskin Lace Come From?

My suggestion here is to read Elizabeth's book. I'm afraid I'll say that loads.

I don't want to put what she put in her book, as that's not right, so I'll give you the real short version:

John Ruskin (strange historical guy) knew a woman who started it all by stitching embroidery to linen to sell more linen and keep everyone working. She was Marion Twelves. And it took off!

It is native to the beautiful Lake District of Northern England and Keswick in particular.

There's a historical part at the beginning of Elizabeth's book that is much more expansive than what I've given you.....so, check it out!

It's a craft that needs to spread its wings a bit.....so come on over to our side and become a lacemaker!

:) misha

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