Monday, 4 February 2013

Ciao Italians!

Ciao My Lovely Italians!

Well, well, well....I come on here after a long time and find I'm quite cool to Italians! Who knew? (I am a quarter Italian myself! Yay to Bergamo!).

Anyway - a little heads up to those in the UK - there is a class this Saturday, 9th February at Cedar Farm. 10-4 with the lovely Karen Quickfall - who puts up with all my craziness!

On another note we have one day left in the Keswick Ruskin Group. Then we are off again until October. Boo hoo!

How is everyone's work coming along?

Italians - if you have some Reticello for me to publish on the site - I'm more than happy to do so, since Ruskin seems to be a very near cousin!

:) Misha - off to do some Ruskin!


  1. Hi, I live in New Zealand and I want to learn Ruskin Lace. I have THE BOOK and have done one elementary lesson many years ago (and produced one small doily) I am so very very envious of you having six months of Ruskin. can you give me any advice on how I could do distance learning of this? Although an extended visit to the UK (and a significant period of time in THE AREA) is on my to do list - an infirm and elderly mother and a full time job make that impossible at the moment. SO perhaps I could part fulfill a dream by some distance learning method. Please help me if you can

  2. Hi Margaret !
    Karen (our teacher )is very's difficult to learn Ruskin form the book !
    Depending where you live in New Zealand, I have a friend who does a lot of Ruskin....(she's English and emigrated to New Zealand a couple of years ago.) I could try and contact her, to see if she could help!
    Of course, you could always make a trip to England, and do a course with Karen LIVE!!! That's teh best way to learn it! BUT, you are welcome to ask any quesions on here, and we'll do all we can to help you.

  3. Also, a big CIAO to all our Italian speaking followers!
    Parlo un po' italiano,potrei aiutarvi, se volete qualsiasi informazione.
    A presto

  4. Hiya Margaret,
    Sorry for the late delay - I've had my mom visiting. I see Angie has been talking to you...and the Italians! I agree with what Angie is saying, you really do need a teacher, but since you've had a bit - you might have a head start. Do you have the DVD of Elizabeth's? It is perfect for helping with the visuals, and might help you until you can get some tutor time. I can pick one up for you in May (though I think Angie will see Karen before that). I don't remember the charge, but can find out if you are interested.
    Six months of Ruskin = six Saturdays, one a month through the winterish times. It's lovely - and time goes racing by!
    :) Misha