Monday, 18 June 2012

Karen's Tea Cosy - Now With Teapot!

Hiya Folks,
She's got a pot in it now - so you can see it in all of its glory!

Who's gonna help me steal it?

:) Misha


  1. Oh! This is so pretty...I would love to help you! :) judy

  2. Hello Misha,
    I had hard time finding the material for Ruskin Lace. Any idea?
    Thanks! judy

  3. Hiya Judy,
    We can steal it and then share it through the year!
    As for the material - the right stuff is Glenshee linen. It is notoriously hard to get now. I had a freak luck moment on eBay about five years ago.
    Other than that - I think Fobbles MIGHT have some? I know that Karen still has some, but the producers of the good stuff are going to stop making it. Sad, but true. I'll ask Karen about where we are heading next if we can't find anymore Glenshee - though I will have to repost when she answers....stay tuned!
    :) Misha

  4. Hiya Judy,
    Karen has some Glenshee - and if you don't want a lot - she can get you some. Give me your email address and I will send you hers.
    :) Misha

  5. Oh! Thank you! Misha,
    I really wish I were a member of the group can stitch together with you girls there! LOL
    This is my e-mail: Thanks a lot and I'm gonna steal this Tea cosy to show my stitching friends. judy :)

  6. Hiya Judy,
    I'm sending your notification off to Karen so she can contact you directly. We wish you were a member of the group, too! We always like new blood to infect with the Ruskin Bug! LOL!