Sunday, 14 March 2010

Where can you go? Higham Hall - That's Where!

Heya Folks,

It occurred to me that you might need to know where to go to learn how to do this stuff.

The best course in the area (that I know of) is at Higham Hall. I've been once, and I have to tell you if I win the lottery I'm getting my own room - permanently.

You can go to their website here:

The weekend I had there was amazing. Mind you I had a two year old at home, so any weekend away would have been amazing! LOL!

Anywhoo....we got there, got our room (I slept with Ang - and yes, our husbands know!). We did a little milling about looking at the amazing beautiful. Then had a fabulous dinner and dessert.

The next day was a Saturday, which was pretty much like this:

Wake up.
Make lace.
Make lace.
Walk around.
Make lace.
Make lace.
Read, tell ghost stories, and talk into the wee hours of the night.

Sunday was a similar start, but alas, we didn't have dinner (the evening meal) there and I had to go home to my little critter.

I could see how in the olden days ladies would become 'ladies of leisure'. I'm sooo signing up for that if I win the lottery!

I walked around with Angie to look at the beautiful garden, and to look at all the birds that come around. The view is lovely.

So, where am I going with this? If you are new to Ruskin, would like to learn, and have £180 burning a hole in your pocket, get yourself signed up. And do it early. The class is always full....with people like me who go back. Ang has an addiction problem and goes whenver it's held. I go once a year.....because otherwise I'd get addicted.

The staff there couldn't be nicer, and the food was amazing. We even got a recipe for some potato and herb pie thing that I must make!

Karen is the instructor at Higham and she makes her way around and around the room to make sure everyone is given their time and tutorial.

In fact, just this weekend there was another course on....and they've spotted the blog!

Hopefully soon we can have some more photos from the class to post on here.

There is the lace group that meets in Keswick from October to March each year, where about 15 of us make Ruskin Lace in a room near Booths. It's a lovely day to just sit and dedicate our time to Ruskin.....because if we don't do this, it tends to get put after the laundry and dishes.

So - if you're interested....c'mon down! We promise not to bite.

:) misha


  1. Please keep up this blog! I've just heard the sad news that E Prickett has passed and I'm more than ever committed to learning Ruskin Lace. I live in the USA and would love to experience Higham Hall.

  2. Hiya Joey,
    Sorry! I hadn't even looked at the comments. As you can tell, I suck as a blog owner!
    C'mon over to Higham Hall if you get a chance - but bring an appetite - they fill us full of food, too!